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Permanent Service for Assistance in advocacy

modified Friday, 16 December 2011

logo PASPAS is a permanent service for assistance in advocacy, dedicated to organizations and citizen groups who want to start an advocacy campaign for their causes but do not know exactly what they should do.


The service was lunched to further meet the need of NGOs and citizen groups to influence public decisions and produce positive change in their communities.

CeRe has supported over five years numerous organizations and citizen groups in the advocacy campaigns that they have initiated and which turned into accomplishments for the community: local budget funding for the center of services for children with autism in Craiova, a park built by the City Hall and by the community which replaced an illegal landfill on the outskirts of Braila, the allocation of funds for activities for those suffering from Parkinson's disease in Hunedoara, to mention just a few of them. Beyond the actual results, the organizations and citizens are proud now because of their empowerment in front of the decision makers and their communities.

What does it consist of?

PAS will provide assistance for the development of successful campaigns, consisting of:

  • Support for an advocacy strategy according to the cause, but also to the posibilities of the organization;
  • Support for the implementation of the strategy, including financial contributions for some activities;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Other, as needed.

How do you benefit from PAS?

For details on how to request assistance from CeRe, please contact us at the telephone number 031 1050 755, contact person Lavinia Chiburte or at the email address pas@ce-re.ro.

PAS is partly financed by Trust for Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe - CEE Trust. In the long term, CeRe wants to increase the necessary funding for the service, attracting the support of the business sector.

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