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modified Monday, 01 September 2008

At local level, CeRe developed numerous projects which involved public authorities and citizens in more than 50 Romanian communities. In these projects, authorities and citizens, using innovative methods of participation, promoted by CeRe, come to discuss and make decisions together with regards to community problems.

At central level, CeRe was involved in a series of actions that aimed to change certain legal provisions that regulated public participation in Romania, in consultations with several public institutions on draft laws, organized public debates on subjects related to the associative sector and is currently a member of the Romanian NGOs Coalition for Structural Funds.

In its last year of activity, CeRe initiated a series of projects that intended the improvement of the administrative capacity of parliamentary local offices and parliamentary commissions to work with NGOs, both at county level and within the commissions in Bucharest. More than 40 NGOs were involved in these particular projects. They now benefit of a working relationship with the elected deputies in their circumscriptions or with the parliamentary experts and counsellors in their fields of activity.

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