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Public Participation Awards
The 2010 edition of the Public Participation Awards Gala was held on the 23rd of September>>
PAS is a permanent service for assistance in advocacy, dedicated to organizations and citizen groups who want to start an advocacy campaign for their causes>>
CeRe warehouses
We collect, promote and award success stories of public participation and advocacy>>
Photovoice exhibition
If you want to see how life is for the Rudars from Malul Vanat, come to the photovoice exhibition at the Deja Fu Bar in Bucharest>>
The Citizens’ Jury – Star of Public Participation
The Citizens' Jury makes the headlines>>
Public Participation Awards
The winners of the Public Participation Awards were rewarded for their success stories>>

The Public Participation Awards Gala

The evening of March 27th was in the sign of celebration of civil involvement and acknowledgement of people who, despite all the obstacles and prejudices, decided to take a big step to challenge the governance with the purpose of solving the problems of their communities. These people and organizations got involved into the decision-making process and managed to change it in favour of the people.

It was the 5th edition of the Public Participation Awards Gala, this year under the slogan “Participation without a corset”, which symbolically express that the civic initiative can effectively fight against bureaucracy to reach well-being of communities and that we don’t always need to blindly follow the decisions of the public authorities.

12 award-winners were applauded on the stage by more than 250 people. There were intense moments which certainly deliver a lot of motivation and inspiration to the citizens and also to the organizers of the Gala. The atmosphere of the evening was stunning. It was amazing to see these powerful people who decided to step out from their comfort zone and weren´t afraid to pursue their causes.

By Monika Bartíková

This year the awards went to:

  • Lenuța Zamfirescu – for organizing her neighbours to convince the Mayor to pave the road in Bereasca (Ploiesti)
  • Organizația pentru Promovarea Transportului Alternativ în România (OPTAR) – for their constant fight for infrastructure for bicycles in Bucharest
  • Ovidiu Manoilescu, Anamaria Manoilescu și Zoard Bocăniciu – for working with the local community and with the administrators of a Dendrology Park to breathe life into the park again
  • Grupul Ecologic de Colaborare, Filiala Nera Caraș – advocacy against illegal activities in the Iron Gate national park
  • Asociația IHTIS – draws attention to the violation of the right to education for children the children with disabilities
  • Asociația Mioritics și Asociația „Prietenii Mocăniței" – halting the decline of an historical train (Mocanita) and railway between Sibiu and Sighisoara
  • Asociația Victoria Art – convinced the Local council to support a film festival in Victoria and refreshed the cultural life there
  • Asociația RHRN – Romanian Harm Reduction Network – pressure on the ministry of health to subsidize the distribution of syringes to drug addicts and break the HIV epidemic
  • Asociația Transplantaților din România – progress in compensation of the drugs needed after organ transplants
  • Fundația Policy Center for Roma and Minorities and Clubul Mamelor – credit for convincing the Mayor to refurbish of a Park in Ferentari

Two special CeRe awards went to the Collective Character Uniti Salvam and to the politician without corset Petre Florin Manole.

Available photos from the event, here.

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