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A few words about CeRe

modified Thursday, 01 September 2011

Democracy means free and fair elections, but also a political environment where citizens actively participate in the decision making process. Public participation in Romania is both vital and challenging. Vital, because especially in the communities with few resources, the citizens must have a say on how they are to be used. Challenging, because public institutions still see it as an obligation, without a tangible ending, and NGOs use public participation as a tool only in crisis situations.

CeRe was born from the belief that public participation is not just a trifle, but a principle that can be a real and important benefit for Romanian communities.

CeRe's mission is to act so that public decisions meet the needs and desires of social actors. In CeRe's vision, NGOs, citizens and public institutions assume responsibility for public participation and use their rights associated to this participation.

To this end, CeRe will assist NGOs and public institutions, so that:

  • NGOs will mobilize the citizens in the communities they are active in by organizing advocacy campaigns to promote the interests of the community;
  • NGOs and citizens will be involved in designing and implementing public policies;
  • NGOs and citizens will monitor the activity of the public institutions;
  • Public institutions will be transparent and open to the participation initiatives coming from NGOs and citizens;
  • Public institutions will consult NGOs and the citizens in designing, implementing and monitoring public policies;
  • Public institutions will be responsible and accountable for their activity before the citizens and the groups representing them.


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