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Youth Participation through Pictures

modified Tuesday, 19 February 2013


The project "Youth Participation through Pictures" aims at encouraging young Roma people from Romania, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine to take part in the decision making process dealing with social exclusion by empowering them to use an unconventional public participation method: the PhotoVoice.


  • Romania: CeRe, "Partner for You" Association (APT - Asociatia Pentru Tine)
  • The Slovak Republic: NGOs Život je šanca (Life is a chance) & Modrý motýľ (Blue butterfly)
  • Ukraine: NGO Moloda Gromada (Young Community)

Main Activities
For 6 months, 48 Roma teenagers from the three countries will apply the PhotoVoice method in order to show how social exclusion affects them in their respective communities and bring on the public agenda their concerns and the solutions they believe work best to tackle their problems.

The main activities are:

  • training on advocacy, public participation and PhotoVoice for the nat ional project teams;
  • training sessions on advocacy, public participation and PhotoVoice for the young Roma beneficiaries in Romania, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine;
  • application of the PhotoVoice method by the young Roma people in their communities: photo shooting sessions, weekly discussions about the photos taken;
  • organization of PhotoVoice exhibitions in Romania, the Slovak Republic and Ukraine and of three public debates on Roma social inclusion policies in the opening of the exhibitions;
  • campaigns of post cards and desk calendars with pictures from the exhibitions sent to European - where applicable - and national authorities that are responsible for the shaping of social policies regarding minorities, both by the public and the project partners;
  • creation of a project's catalogue with pictures taken by the young Roma people in the three Romanian, Slovak and Ukrainian communities.



The component Romania - Slovakia is funded by the „Youth in Action" Programme of the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, Sub-Action 1.3 - Youth Democracy Projects.

The component Romania - Ukraine is funded by the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation through the „Eastern Links" programme.



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