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A few words about CeRe

CeRe: The Resource Center for public participation

CeRe: The Resource Center for public participation is an organisation assisting citizens and NGOs in their dialogue with public authorities regarding decisions having an immediate effect on them or on the communities they represent.

In 2009, when CeRe launched its initiative in four Bucharest neighborhoods by using community organizing, no local initiative groups existed. In 2015, the public knows what the words “initiative group” mean and more than 20 civic cores are taking steps to make the authorities aware of citizens’ desires and needs.

CeRe: Assists citizen groups and NGOs in changing public decisions

CeRe helps citizens whenever they need advice on how to persuade the authorities to solve various problems the communities are facing – lack of playgrounds, lack of open spaces or abusive deforestations, and the administration's not consulting citizens on projects important for the city etc.

CeRe supports organisations and coalitions in their efforts not only to change unjust public decisions which have a negative effect on those directly involved but also to ask for transparency, accountability and efficiency when it comes, for example, to managing structural funds.

50 local campaigns
7 national campaigns
More than 73.000 people involved
More than 90 public institutions

A few achievements: refurbishing a park by integrating a playground, providing a walkway for pupils to reach school, laying out the vicinity of the Gheorgheni Lakes (in Cluj), stopping two buildings from being erected illegally, changing two orders from the Ministry of Health and Labour, improving legislation regarding people suffering from autism spectrum disorders.

As a member of the NGOs' Coalition for Structural Funds, we have persuaded the responsible institutions to post the payments register for structural funds, and we have achieved a better NGO representation in monitoring committees.

CeRe: Acting whenever laws or institutional practices prevent the public from participating

No superheroes to save you – the transparency and accountability campaign regarding the Bucharest Municipality and General Council is extending to sectoral bodies.

Politics without Boundaries – CeRe is a member of the coalition who succeeded in changing the law on political parties

We have persuaded the Bucharest Municipality to post on its website the contracts of the General Councillors and their office hours.

Being part of the Politics without Boundaries coalition, we have been successful in changing the law on political parties, on party funding and the election law, so that political participation is made more accessible:

3 members needed to found a political party, instead of 25.000

CeRe: a resource center

Handbook on advocacy (for citizens and NGOs)
Handbook on public participation (for public institutions)
New methods of participation and consulting (community organising, photovoice, citizens' jury)

7 editions of the Public Participation Awards
3 editions of the Citizens' Initiative Fair (in Bucharest)
1 theatre representation “4m2”, depicting the beginning of civic life in a tower block
More than 400 people trained
More than 100 participants in international experience exchanges
2 studies on the public participation level in Romania and 1 on the 2012-2013 uprisings.

How flexible and to what extent we are able to act depends on individual donors. You can be one of them! Join the donors' team. Your contribution allows us to react immediately when it is necessary. Donate:

Via banking transfer to RO 53INGB0000999905393254
ING Bank-Gara de Nord Agency

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