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The Story of the First Citizens’ Jury Organized in Romania

Monday, September 07, 2009

Three years ago, we – the CeRe team – read for the first time about the Citizens’ Juries.  We found the method quite interesting and introduced it in our textbook on “Public Decision-Making in the 21st Century”, thinking that we too should try to use in Romania more attractive and more efficient consultation methods.

This was the beginning.  

Meanwhile, we read more and more about this method, we discussed it with organizations that worked with Citizens’ Juries in their own countries, we explained and proposed it to Romanian mayors in order to see if we could use it in our country. The first reactions consisted of our well known type of answers: “Weeell…, it might work at their place, but here, at our place, it’s different”. However, we also found people that thought it was worth trying.

And we decided to try.

We found an excellent partner in the team of the Medias Town Hall. They too were interested in finding more consistent ways for involving citizens to a greater extent in decision-making.  They were willing to learn with us and made serious efforts to organize the first Citizens’ Jury in Romania. 

And it was worth it!

You may read the whole Story right here.

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