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19 May '12 - Rally for Parcul Circului in Bucharest


On Saturday, May 19th, between 11 am and 1 pm, Lacul Tei Civic Initiative Group organizes a protest to draw attention to Parcul Circului situation. By this action, local residents show their discontent with City Hall's decision to give 11,050 sqm of the park in the administration of the public Circus. Following this decision, the area was fenced and is used to shelter exotic animals.

The action will take place on Lacul Tei Boulevard, on the sidewalk opposite to the Casa de Pensii building. The protest follows a petition signed by 1,300 inhabitants of the area. The petition was submitted to the authorities (Municipality, CGMB ALPAB, PS2) on the 10th and 11th of May. More details are available on the group’s blog: http://laculteiinfo.wordpress.com/

Lacul Tei Civic Initiative Group is one of the citizen groups CeRe has brought together and assisted under the umbrella of the Community Organizing Program.


The Nights of Museums at Aviation Museum!
CeRe and the Romanian Wings Association wait for you at Aviation Museum. Besides a presentation stand, you will be offered the opportunity to write a message to authorities telling them how to improve the Aviation Museum activity. What kind of activities should the museum host? What would you like to do once you are entering the museum?
Your ideas will be forwarded and sustained during the round table we want to organize about the future of this historical monument.

This is one of the campaigns sustained by CeRe through the Permanent Service for Assistance in advocacy (PAS).


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